On Hubris…

I should have listened..

Ok… so Kodak was right…  you can’t put 120 film in the Kodak Brownie Target Six-20…

The other day I made a post about my Kodak Brownie Six-20 and how I was going to put 120 film in there and how I knew better.. how Kodak didn’t know anything even though the camera clearly said “CAUTION: THIS CAMERA DOES NOT TAKE 120 FILM”

I should have just stopped right there.. but no…. I didn’t.

I *thought* I had modded it to take 120 film… boasted that it would be awesome, and that I’d show them… ohh I’d show them…. what the hell did Kodak and their product development people know…

And I was struck down by the camera gods for my hubris. After getting to nearly the end of the roll of film that I had put in the camera it stopped advancing and bound up. After several attempts to “Hulk” it forward, I very carefully opened up the film compartment, and as I feared, the roll had bound up on the 120 side of the camera. The back half of the film was exposed, I don’t think it sealed properly and got some light leaks. I’ll probably still drop it off and see if anything came out on it to post up here.

So.. yeah… I promise to not taunt the film and Kodak gods again, at least when it comes to 620 film and cameras. I figured I’d give it a try. I didn’t hurt the camera, and I’m only out a roll of film that had been sitting in the freezer for a year or so.

Maybe next time I shouldn’t be so boastful and taunting.. lest I be struck down…

5 Months since I’ve last posted.. oof

Hey gang… few updates for you since it has been a while since I’ve posted…

First.. new camera!
My Dad likes to go to yard sales, auctions, and estate sales (who doesn’t) always comes up with new and interesting things. He surprised me by sending me this Brownie Target Six-20 camera made by Kodak. Other than being a little rough around the edges works well. The shutter works, and the lens is pretty clean on it and for being as old as it is (different resources I’ve found say that it is from late 40’s early 50’s) and seems to be light tight and advances film properly.

The only problem… it is only be only able to use 620 film, which is now long discontinued. There is even a little warning in the camera that says “ONLY TO BE USED WITH 620 FILM! DO NOT USE 120! ON PAIN OF DEATH AND DISMEMBERMENT!” or some other kind of onerous warning from Kodak to only use their proprietary, dead format film.


Anyways, after a little bit of investigating, and sacrificing an old roll of Fujichrome 120 64T film, I discovered that the only thing preventing me from using 120 was a little metal spring spacer that was only being held in with a small pin. Turns out it was easy enough to pull out with needle nose pliers. After a little cussing, and nearly ripping my finger open, I was able to get the 120 film in and advance properly. Once I shoot through this roll of film, I’ll open up the inside and show you the warning. It is a fun little box camera, the mirrors for aiming are blown out so you just have to aim it with your best guess.

I love the styling of this camera. Very art deco, and very friendly looking, like a face looking at you. The outer coating is either leather or faux leather, the film advance knob works, and the advance window is clean. I might try and clean it up a bit more to see if I can get it to shine again.

Like I said, earlier, I’ve got some Fujichrome 64T film in there now, all of the research I’ve done for this points to the film used during this time was really “slow” speed film, i.e. 25 – 50 ISO.. with 100 ISO being “Fast”. I’m going to pick up some Ektar film to throw in there and see how it comes out. I’m not too eager to see what the Fujichrome is going to look like since:

1. It was out of date when my friend Alliey was given it a few years ago. She told me she had it for a few years and it was sitting in a box of other random things. It has been sitting my in freezer for a year.
2. The first two shots are going to be burned because I was messing with it.
3. I’m shooting outside with Tungsten balanced film.

Ehh it is retro to make all your stuff like crappy right? 😀 I’ll let you know what it looks like when I get it developed.

Update 2: Camera pass!
It has been passed to 3 new people since I’ve updated it, it has now been all over North East Ohio and now Pittsburgh. I have to look at my list of people, but hopefully I’ll get it shipped out to the net few people here in the next week or so.

Update 3:
My buddy and Big, Tatar, has started a tumblr account. Go take a look here.


That is it for now, I will hopefully update a little bit more often than before. Take care guys, and feel free to leave some comments!