Camera Pass Project

Ultimately, this is about getting back to your roots. -Me


Digital is great, I’ll be the first to admit it and the hundreds of photos that I have of my cats doing cute and or funny things is evidence of that but ultimately something feels missing about the whole experience. Are light photons hitting a digital sensor any different than light photons interacting with microscopic particles of light on a film strip?

In theory, no, It isn’t but hear me out.

Negatively and Positively

I started on film, I still shoot it, but with my digital, I don’t nearly do enough of it and sometimes I use the machine gun method of photography because I’m lazy… hold the trigger down and hope that something comes out. 1000 shots later, I’ve got a few usuable ones. When I’m shooting on my X-700, I slow down more, take my time, and truly consider framing. We all suffer from it at one time or another. So lets slow it down, what we had a finite amount of shots? Just like the days of film, there is is, the counter staring back at you, mocking you, letting you know that it is all coming to an end.

So, the camera pass, 1 Camera, 12 people, 36 exposures. Each person gets three shots before they pass it on to the next person. Each click of the shutter is one less that you are allowed to shoot. The challenge comes in deciding what you are going to decide to shoot, how to compose the shot, and all of the other fundamentals.

Above all, this is something fun to do and is out of the ordinary. Click here to see the original blog post!

As the X-370 moves from one person to another, I’ll update it with the general location of where it is located and who it is with.

First location is my house in Cuyahoga Falls!

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