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About me, what is there to say really? I live in North East Ohio and originally an Eastsider if you count fantabulous Ashtabula the East side. I’m currently pursuing a business management degree from Hiram College and work for an entertainment company based in Akron.

I love photography in all shapes and forms and have learned what I know from practical experience. I try and take an objective look at what I’m shooting and figure out the best way to express that in the medium that I’m shooting.

I still shoot a lot of film primarily on my Minolta X-700, and my digital axe of choice is the Sony A580.

I like cycling and hiking as well as video games like Elder Scrolls, Warcraft, Starcraft, The Total War series and anything else that can keep my attention for a few moments.

Even though she claims she doesn’t know how to take good pictures, my wonderful wife Cari Dubiel took my profile picture for me. Pretty pro huh? She’s an even better writer, you can check her out over at Walking Identity Crisis. She’s also a search engine in Malaysia…

So grab your camera, pull up a chair and lets get to know each other.

Contact me!

E-mail: ed@rophf.com
Phone: (330) 474-9692


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