To do things, or not do things, that is the question…

Why do something, when you can do nothing?

I have hit a brick wall.

Not so much a brick wall when it comes to coming up with ideas for things, it is more of a not wanting to work on them. I’m at the point where, all I want to do after the baby goes to bed is sit on the couch and look at the internets, or play Team Fortress or Kerbal Space Program. While none of these are inherently bad, there are other things I could and want to be doing:

  • I’ve got a several rolls of film to develop
  • Pictures I want to shoot
  • Posts I want to write
  • Plants I want to plant
  • Practice my Tenor Sax
  • Clean my office
  • Work in the dark room
  • Work on the sewing machine
  • Practice archery

I could spend the rest of this post about things that I could and want to be doing, but just feel so drained that none of that sounds appealing. I even said tonight that I wanted to develop some 120 film that I shot, and here I am, plopped on the couch.

I need to come up with an action plan to knock out some of this stuff… how do you all keep yourself moving forward with your own projects? Do you use treats? Cookies? Let me know what you guys do? I guess one forward step is that I took the time to actually write a post? I guess I can cross that off the things to do list huh?


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