1st pass completed!

The camera has made its first pass!

I finished up my third shot this morning on the way to meeting up with the second photographer in this experiment. Deciding what I was going to take pictures of was a lot harder than I thought it would be. The first shot I think is going to be meh, but the second and third ones should be pretty good.

So, with my third shot, it was time to pass the camera on!

Why is it that photographers don't like to have their picture taken?

The next person to have the camera is a friend of mine from my days at the bike shop. Sue was in town today at the Ledges in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park for her annual birthday weekend hike. She led a very informative journal through the ledges and the Pennsylvanian era rock formations and outcroppings.We crawled through rocks, and ancient structures. I had never been down there before so it was really interesting.

So Sue is taking shots 4-5-6 on the camera, and getting it back to me next weekend. After that it is probably going to Ron since he is the next easiest to get it to. ^_^



While we were out in the woods to give the camera, we joined up with a group called Why not adventure who sponsor hikes and other fun outdoors events. I’ll post some of the highlights of the day in a gallery below. I got some neat shots of the rocks and formations and it felt good to haul my butt out of bed at 7:30 on a Sunday to go for a hike. We got to meet a lot of new and fun people and we met Cari’s twin! I swear we didn’t plan it, they just both happen to like purple and went to Hiram.